The New Economy Causing You Pain? PhDeviate Can Help

Even a few minutes of reading business news, or any news that covers human resources, hiring, or staffing, over the past ten years will tell one that this is not your parents’ job market. It’s not even your older siblings’ job market. People are no longer staying in one career for their whole working life, and human resources professionals have to be able to evaluate what kinds of career transitions are more likely to be successful. Almost every hiring professional we’ve talked to, outside of those fields which routinely hire PhDs, finds PhD résumés stymying. “What do they know how to do?” people ask. With unemployment as high as it is, every “good” job listing is flooded with résumés, and when the PhD skills look too unusual, too different, organization that need talented, bright people lose out. HR complains that there aren’t enough bright candidates out there, and yet the percentage of PhDs who have no employment at the time of graduation, across all fields, hovers over 30%. So, a large number of newly minted PhDs are in pain, and a large number of industries are in pain. What can a PhD bring to your organization?

Lifelong Learning

One piece of advice often given to job seekers is to become a lifelong learner. Technology changes fast! (It wasn’t that long ago, in real terms, that Google looked like this!) More than ever, it is more important to find a person who can change and adapt and learn new skills than it is to find the person who knows how to do the job today. For a lifelong learner, look no further than a PhD: they’ve already dedicated their first career to becoming lifelong learners! PhD paths vary, scientists, engineers, social scientists, and humanities scholars obviously do very different kinds of work while pursuing PhDs, but all the while, throughout their twenties and into their thirties, they are learning: PhD candidates learn new languages both human and programming, they learn laboratory methods, they learn theories and ways of thinking, they learn how to talk to people about their work. In fact, learning new things is what PhDs do best! For organizations that are constantly changing, where the position of today might not be the position of tomorrow, what more could you ask than a staff who not only can learn but also are passionate about learning?


Let PhDeviate guide you into new ways of thinking about hiring. In today’s “information economy,” every organization needs as many high quality thinkers as they can find! Let PhDeviate train your existing human resources managers in the best ways to find qualified, motivated applicants. PhDeviate will also train managers, or work with your own human resources department to train managers, on how to become more effective supervisors of their PhD employees. Have a specific position you need filled? PhDeviate will recruit and screen top quality candidates.


If you have a PhD, or expect to have one soon, learn from PhDeviate the exciting possibilities of careers for PhDs.